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七宝 - Seven Treasures
Fountain Pen

评论 :
以下所有评论都是来自受信任和经验丰富的钢笔博客的诚实观点。 我们的审稿人没有得到任何形式的赔偿。 我们就像您一样,对钢笔一件事有着相同的兴趣。

Azizah from Gourmet Pens: "It is amazing that Wancher has expanded our selection of available materials to include bakelite, a rarely used material in modern pens. The artwork on the finial makes a great addition to any accessory palette."

David from Figboot on Pens: "There is a lot to like about this intriguing addition to the market. A very reasonable price for what you receive with this pen. It has some classic looks, it's made from a unique material, it incorporates a handmade artistic element and it performs very well."