Hirota Urushi

Handmade in Japan by Master 廣田洋子 - Yoko Hirota

Hirota Urushi/Maki-e is the Japanese traditional Urushi/Maki-e arts hand-crafted by master Yoko Hirota (廣田洋子). Master Hirota's artworks are unique in designs and techniques which are hard to find among common Urushi lacquerwares.

There are 5 main techniques normally used in master Hirota's art: 布目堆漆塗 (Nunome Tsuishitsu Nuri) - Cloth-textured Urushi Lacquering; 彫漆 (Choushitsu) - Carved Urushi; 金箔 (Kinpaku) - Gold Leaf; 唐塗 (Kara Nuri) - Tang Urushi Coating; 乾漆沈金 (Kanshitsu Chinkin) - Dried Lacquer Gold Engraving

Fountain pens from Hirota collection are handmade one by one and require years to create. Therefore, each of them is only available as few as 1 piece each time.

About Master Yoko Hirota

With a great interest in traditional handmade crafts since elementary school, master Hirota decided to choose this path and developed a strong passion for Japanese Urushi-making traditions. Master Hirota now has more than 30 years of hands-on experience in making Urushi and Maki-e.

Hirota's artwork focus on the stylish minimalism and durability of the objects. Either it's a pair of chopsticks that serve everyday meals or it's an ornament used in the palace, it must last long and express the aesthetics of Japan's art.

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