Dream Pen Timeless

A timeless continuation of legacy

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Dream Pen Timeless

A timeless continuation of legacy

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Golden Age

Bringing back the treasures of the Golden Age 

The golden age for fountain pens is considered to be from the 1920s to the 1950s. During this time, fountain pens were the primary writing instrument for most people. The quality of the pens produced during this period was often exceptional, and they were considered both practical and luxurious items. 

At that time, Fountain pens typically measured 5 to 5.5 inches in length when capped and were considered very comfortable for extended writing sessions.

As Wancher esteems with great value, the treasures of the past, we are delighted to bring to you our Dream Pen that not only reflects the past with its size but also makes it relevant to the current day and age with the comfortable feel that the ebonite material brings.

Bridging The Times

Our aim with this Dream Pen Timeless is to take you back and give you a glimpse into the size and comfort of the fountain pens of the golden age. It connects the past with the current age by making it perfect for your everyday use.

As Ebonite gets better with time and usage, this Dream Pen Timeless fountain pen will be your perfect companion through the seasons of life that you go through. 

Material and Technique

Mastering the Japanese tradition of "sharpening"

Having the same philosophy as our Dream Pen, Dream Pen Timeless was born to honor the true craftsmanship of traditional arts. The making process of the Dream Pen involves a similar technique to sharpening Japanese swords, called 'Togi'. To produce a flawlessly shining sword, a swordsmith must repeatedly sharpen and polish the blade. This Japanese aesthetic of 'Togi' is used in the same way in the Ebonite fountain pen. Here, let us introduce you to the beauty created by the manual 'Togi' technique that is smooth and intricate.

Every Fountain Pen is made with traditional techniques from being carved piece by piece to hand polishing using the Japanese Togi Technique making each piece preciously unique.
Dream pen Timeless will bring comfort to the hands and give a luxurious feel to your writing. 

***Learn more about the Philosophy of Sharpening and Polishing Techniques of Japanese Sword at our Reintroduction Series Blog

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Ebonite has a slightly porous surface that allows it to breathe, which can also contribute to the sensation of warmth as it creates a feeling of contact with the skin.
With this Timeless pen in your hand, you'll feel confident in your ability to express your thoughts and ideas with ease. 

Size & Shape

Following the shape of it's predecessor, Dream Pen Timeless is cigar-shaped providing a perfect balance for those who find a compact-size fountain pen more comfortable to hold.
Now, more than ever, everyone can enjoy the writing experience with a lighter feeling. A fountain pen that not just fits your hand right but your everyday needs as well


The ink drying problem won't be something to worry about. Your fountain pen is provided with an air-tight inner cap that keeps the ink from air exposure. 


Material: Ebonite from Nikko EBONITE in Tokyo
Weight: 16g (with cap)
Height: 135mm

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Dream Pen Timeless