1 x One x Wan

Introducing "1xOnexWan" is the sub-brand of Wancher that focuses on the more affordable lineups.

With a commitment to delivering exceptional quality at accessible prices, this sub-brand opens the door to an expansive range of meticulously crafted writing instruments that combine affordability with Wancher's renowned craftsmanship.

Starting from small fountain pens, this sub-brand offers a diverse selection of writing instruments that embody the perfect fusion of affordability, reliability, and style. Each pen is thoughtfully designed to be the ideal companions for everyday use, whether at work, school, or leisure.

Embracing the ethos of inclusivity, this sub-brand ensures that the joy of writing with a Wancher pen is within reach of a wider audience. Now, more individuals can experience the pleasure of expressing themselves through the art of handwriting with these beautifully designed, yet affordable, writing instruments.

With the launch of this new sub-brand, Wancher aims to inspire and empower individuals from all walks of life to indulge in the simple pleasure of writing while enjoying the exceptional craftsmanship and quality that Wancher is renowned for.


PuChiCo is a mini-sized fountain pen that is released under Wancher's sub-brand, "1 x One x Wan".
With a very cute design made from acrylic slice. The palm-sized appearance might makes an attractive writing utensils for children and women with small hands.

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