Limited raden fountain pens by master Yamanoshita

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Kasaro Ballpoint Pen

Antibacteria Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

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2020 Limited New Designs

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Dream Pen

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About Us

Based in Japan, Wancher has been focusing on creating unique writing instruments, especially fountain pens since 1987. We pursue the dream of making a fountain pen that can make people happy. Every single writing instrument that we bring to you comes with the finest quality, meticulous craftsmanship, and true values.

Let's discover our collection and find out your favorite!

Latest News

Kiei Urushi - Yozakura

Dream Pen Raden
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Ebonite - Urushi

Seven Treasures

Sekai Fountain Pen

True Craftsmanship

Behind every single beautiful pen that you are holding is the many-month process of creation and dedication by skillful craftsmen and artists.

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Special Collection

Contemporary Art

Artisan's Fountain Pen

New Urushi fountain pens handmade by Master Hirota Yoko.

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We Collaborated With


By Pens and tea

"The pen is really beautiful and matt urushi finish is really amazing. Would I recommend this pen? - Yes!"

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By Pen Addict

“Anything we can do to help continue these valuable traditions I’m all for supporting.”

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By Gourmet Pens

“If you’re a fan of minimal designs in a pen, this pen might attract your attention. I absolutely love the shape and the glowing color.”

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By Figboot on Pens

"It's very smooth and the ink flow is generous. It's very very nice."

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Wancher Received Vibrant HABATAKU SME300 Award

On June 04th, 2019, among thousands of growing enterprises across Japan, we were selected as one of the 300 companies for "Vibrant HABATAKU Small and Medium Enterprises 300" Award.

SME300 Award 2019 has brought us to another milestone in our company history!

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