Seven Treasures

Successfully funded on Kickstarter on March 6th 2020

七宝 /shippo/ means "Seven Treasures" in Japanese. This is a Japanese term used for enamelware. Seven Treasures refer to those treasures which are used as ingredients in making Shippo or Japanese Cloisonne artwork. 焼き /yaki/ means "bake" in Japanese. And 七宝焼 /shippoyaki/ is the Japanese way of making traditional cloisonne art.
Seven Treasures - a vintage-inspired premium fountain pen made from high-quality bakelite or ebonite and hand-crafted with Japanese traditional Shippoyaki (七宝焼) art by master Okagaki Yukie.
Bakelite Material
Bakelite is a lightweight yet durable material that was popularly used to make jewelry and writing instruments in the early 20th. However, the emergence of cheaper materials made these items become collectible ones.
We bring back bakelite to the fountain pen community and use it as the base material for our Seven Treasures fountain pen.
Not only being durable the material also gives a warm feeling when holding in hand. The most intriguing aspect of the bakelite used in Seven Treasures fountain pen is the combination of paper and cotton fabrics. Multiple layers of paper and cotton fabrics are rolled up to achieve the required density, then heat and pressure are used to form the final material.
Ebonite Material
Seven Treasures fountain pen is also available with ebonite version. 
Ebonite is a great material made from natural rubber with a durable, warm and luxurious feel for handwriting. Ebonite was originally used to make fountain pens in the early 20th century. However, due to its complexity in production, it was later abandoned by most manufacturers in favour of various plastics, which were easier to work with.
In 2018, we restored ebonite as a material for our Dream Pen and we have been happy with the decision. Therefore, this time we decided to also use Japanese ebonite for Seven Treasures fountain pen.
Shippoyaki Art
七宝焼 /shippoyaki/ is known as Japanese cloisonne art. 
 七宝 (Seven Treasures) refers to gold, silver, emerald, coral, giant clamshell, glass and pearl. These treasures are combined and applied to the copper surface and then baked to create a piece of Shippoyaki art. This artwork is carved on the cap crown of Seven Treasures fountain pen.
The Shippo designs used for Seven Treasures fountain pen are inspired by master Okagaki's biggest Shippoyaki artwork named はるかなるもの (Harukanarumono).
Who made it?
Every single Seven Treasures fountain pen is hand-crafted with Shippoyaki art by Japanese Shippoyaki master - 岡垣幸得 (Okagaki Yukie) and artisans from Okagaki Shippoyaki Institute in Tottori, Japan.
Learn more about our artisans here

Filling mechanism: Piston filler (Capacity: 1.1 ml)

Nib: #6 Jowo stainless steel, Wancher 18K gold

Feed: Plastic, ebonite black, ebonite red

Length: 150.3 mm (cap closed),  132.8 mm (no cap)

Weight: 39 g (with cap), 22 g (no cap)