Artisan Pens Collection

Carrying on our mission to support and preserve traditional craftsmanship, this time, we proudly introduce a remarkable collection of limited fountain pens - the Artisan Pens.

Traditional craftsmen do not prefer making the same works; there are times when they randomly create one and only unique pieces. We saved those pieces for the Artisan Pens collection - precious storage to gather all the spontaneous artworks, treasure traditional and authentic values.

Since the fountain pens are unplanned artworks of our Artisans, there are only one or very few pieces made at a time, and they will be most likely not coming back. Yet if they do, you may have to wait for such a long time to see them again.

Special Gift

Only on this first-time release, we would love to offer you a Kunisaki Glass Pen Pillow as a token of our appreciation.

Please note that the pen pillow will be randomly selected for each order.


Artisan Pens Collection