Product Care

Your Wancher writing instrument has been manufactured with scrupulous workmanship and finest quality materials. Our production method includes numerous quality controls applied to every step of the creation of the product. The strict quality control ensures that the product you have chosen will be as functional as it is beautiful. Also, to make sure your Wancher writing instrument stay in a good shape and condition for lifetime, please help us take care of the product while using.

Writing Instrument

We highly recommend to clean your writing instrument properly every month to preserve the high-quality condition. In case, the ink dries up due to the lack of use, please clean the pen with lukewarm water. Ink flow can be affected in ink dries feed system is blocked.

Please do not use any kind of chemical, abrasive cleanser or bleach that might cause damage to your writing instrument.

If your writing instrument is one of these below, please give it a little extra attention.

Urushi Fountain Pen

Urushi fountain pen is at its hardest at 70-80% humidity and room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Daily use helps to maintain the necessary moisture and preserve the pristine condition of the pen.

Do not leave your Urushi fountain pen under direct sunlight or dry environment.

Do not expose your fountain pen in extreme weather conditions that might cause damage to Urushi lacquerware.

Ebonite Fountain Pen


Lacquer Pen Box

Lacquer Pen Pillow



NOTICE: Emails disguised as Wancher.
Recently, emails were sent to stationary shops disguised as Wancher. We confirm that these emails were not sent by us.

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