Shizuku Glass Nib Fountain Pen


Glass nib crafting technique if a long-lost traditional art, originated from Japan. Fortunately, in the modern days, there are a few artisans still preserve and practice this precious technique until today. Around the year of 2018, we got the valuable opportunity to reach out to artist 楊森 - one of the few one of the few artists in the world who still practice the traditional Japanese Glass crafting technique.


Featured with handmade glass nib by artist 楊森


Spending years on researching and experimenting, finally artist  楊森  has been able to release a glass nib pen which can function as a fountain pen. The nib is handmade and so is the pen body. The beauty and uniqueness of each pen shines from the delicate look of glass nib and the creative design of pen body.



The name Shizuku in Japanese is inspired from the picture of a water (or ink) drop on the surface. Shizuku is a special fountain pen featured with handmade glass nib and converter mechanism. In Japan, glass pen was developed since Meiji period and it was very popular. However, due to the fact that ink couldn't be stored and the inconvenience of carrying and ink stains, glass pens became less favored than fountain pens and ballpoint pens. This time we would like to gain back the popularity of glass pen by introducing Shizuku glass nib fountain pen with which aforementioned problems were solved.


Glass nib compatible with converter


You won't be bothered with the ink storage problem of glass pen any more since our Shizuku glass nib fountain pen works well with an ink converter. Glass nib can connect directly to a converter. Therefore, you can write with a glass pen for as long as when writing with fountain pen.

The converter mechanism of glass nib has been registered under Japan Patent Office with Certificate of Utility Model Registration. The glass nib is proved to be able to supply ink directly from the converter.



The techniques used in creating our Shizuku pen are originally invented and developed by Mr. 楊森 who had been researching and making glass for decades. The nib is entirely handmade from a strong and durable material over the course of a month which is to ensure that glass nib from Shizuku pen is more durable.



The body of Shizuku pen is built from high-class Duralumin - the exceptional material used in Aircraft and Aerospace with high strength whereas light weight. Especially, the color showing on each pen is completely unique and there is no similar pen even in the same collection. The anodizing technique applied on Duralumin is proved to protect the body from discoloration and corrosion. Hold the pen, relax your arm, then touch the glass nib on paper, you will not only enjoy the look but also feel an ultimate smoothness and amazing ink flow.