True Urushi

With every Dream Pen being made, we would like to bring back the best Urushi/ Maki-e with all those traditional values and true craftsmanship. Such artworks can only be created by masters who have devoted their whole life to the art.
True Urushi carries the beauty of traditional art which has the history dated back to 9000 years ago. Crafted by skillful artisans from Wajima - the land of Japanese Urushi - each fountain pen is a true artwork worth the appreciation of receivers.
Each True Urushi fountain pen is handcrafted with 天然漆 (Tennnen Urushi) or Natural Urushi by the top Urushi masters in Wajima, Japan.
Finest Material
Made from the finest material - Ebonite, crafted by the hands of skillful craftsmen and embraced with true values of Japanese traditional arts, Dream Pen is created for you not only to experience great writing but also to enjoy truly beautiful arts from Japan. 
True Craftsmanship
True arts can only be created by true craftsmen and Dream Pen is not an exception. Your Dream Pen is made not only from great materials but also by the amazing passion and effort of the artisans.
To complete a Dream Pen True Urushi fountain pen, it takes at least 4-6 months with a process of multiple complicated steps. Only masters with many years of experience are qualified for this entire process and are able to create a fountain pen of a strict and high-quality standard.
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