Thank you for being part of the Wancher community. As some of you may know, Japan experienced a strong earthquake - now dubbed the Noto Earthquake - on the 1st of January. While the Wancher team was fortunate to have been largely unaffected by this natural disaster, our longtime partner and Urushi studio - Taya Shikkiten - suffered the total destruction of their studio and gallery in the city of Wajima.

Prior to the earthquake, we received a large shipment of True Urushi fountain pens from Taya Shikkiten. Due to the earthquake, the fountain pens from this shipment have become the Last True Urushi in our possession. In an effort to aid the rebuilding of the Taya Shikkiten studio in our own way, we have created our own plan.


Here are 2 ways you can do to help them:

1. Go directly to the Taya Shikkiten’s crowdfunding page HERE for donation for the rebuilding of their Urushi gallery,
or ENGLISH explanation version HERE.

2. Purchase the Last True Urushi from our website. The proceeds of this purchase will go towards a brand new project with Taya Shikkiten, which is explained in greater detail below.

What comes out of supporting through us?

- In our recent discussion with Taya Takahiro, we are thinking about the sustainable long-term future plan with Taya Shikkiten. We want to let the artisans steadily being able to live through Urushi art.

- The profit from this True Urushi will be allocated to the project for NEW Wajima Urushi pen lineup with Taya Shikkiten. Upon completion of rebuilding the Taya Shikkiten's gallery and studio, this project will begin immediately.

What do we give to customers in return?

- Every person who purchases a True Urushi pen from January 1st until March 25th, 2024 will later (date to be determined) receive a special Pen Rest designed by Taya Shikkiten and Wancher.

For the people who purchased a True Urushi fountain pen from Wancher prior to this announcement, please fill out the Google Survey Form HERE.


An earthquake has the power to destroy the livelihood and infrastructure of thousands of people, but rebuilding from the destruction can take months or even years. This is why it is important for Wancher and for our community to do what we can to ensure that Taya Shikkiten is able to rebuild and return to crafting high quality, elegant works of art.

Thank you for your support.

About True Urushi collection

Crafted by skillful artisans from Wajima - the land of Japanese Urushi - each fountain pen is a true artwork worth the appreciation of receivers. Each True Urushi fountain pen is handcrafted with 天然漆 (Tennnen Urushi) or Natural Urushi by the top Urushi masters in Wajima, Japan.



Made from the finest material - Ebonite, crafted by the hands of skillful craftsmen and embraced with true values of Japanese traditional arts, Dream Pen is created for you not only to experience great writing but also to enjoy truly beautiful arts from Japan.


True arts can only be created by true craftsmen and Dream Pen is not an exception. Your Dream Pen is made not only from great materials but also by the amazing passion and effort of the artisans.
To complete a Dream Pen True Urushi fountain pen, it takes at least 4-6 months with a process of multiple complicated steps. Only masters with many years of experience are qualified for this entire process and are able to create a fountain pen of a strict and high-quality standard.

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