Sekai Kabazaiku - Yamazakura

The warmth and tranquil beauty of wild cherry blossoms

With the spirit of connecting the world through art,
our Sekai collection has reached its branch to a brand-new technique - Kaba Zaiku カバ細工.

Kaba Zaiku Art
Born from the nature - Unique in every way

The Kaba Zaiku 樺細工 technique can be dated back to around 200 years ago, in Kakunodate, Akita - known as "the forest kingdom" and also, one of the snowiest regions in Japan.

As such, the Wild Cherry Tree Bark cultivated in Kakunodate and used in the Kaba Zaiku technique also possesses outstanding characteristics: a robust vitality and strength that has endured years of freezing winter and has been polished by wind, rain, and snow. It is also known to be superior in terms of moisture/dryness proof and durability, which makes it a perfect material to create long-lasting craftworks.

The crafting of Kaba Zaiku 

Even after the product is completed, the finish of Kaba Zaiku will continue to age. The more you use it, the more lustrous a Kaba Zaiku fountain pen will grow, making it your treasure artwork for many generations to come.


A fountain pen to cherish and grow

Kaba Zaiku is born with our motivation to preserve traditional craftsmanship and add cultural value to your everyday objects. It is also a sustainable art where the material - cherry tree bark - can regrow in five years, and the gluing Nikawa is an environmental-friendly material.

Holding a Kaba Zaiku pen in your palm, you can enjoy the beauty of an one-of-a-kind artwork, and feel the warmth of nature with every words you write. At the same time, each KabaZaiku pen crafted will help the artisans of Kakunodate to continue their passion and pass down this unique traditinal art to the future generations. 

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Sekai Kaba Zaiku