Dream Pen Zogan

This Dream Pen fountain pen is hand-crafted with Japanese traditional art called 象嵌 / Zogan. "Zo" (象) means "symbol" and "Gan" (嵌) means "inlay". Layers of mother of pearls are hand-cut and inlaid into the ebonite pen body with exceptional dedication of skillful artisans. Dream Pen Zogan features the image of Japanese traditional symbols such as Sakura Cherry Blossom and Momiji Autumn Leaves by inlaying mother of pearl onto the ebonite pen body.
The attractiveness of a Zogan art is how its color changes depending on the angle of light. And to create such a piece of art, not only skills and art sense but great attention to detail is also required. First, the pearls are cut into the desired motif. Then the craftsman will carve the surface of the pen body in the exactly same size as the motif. And the carved surface will be inlaid with many layers of cut pearls to finish the art.



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