Wancher Densho

Sekai Densho is a rare solid wood fountain pen shaved to a fine finish with soft edges and rounded corners. 

Three wood types: The black luster of ebony, the unpretentious taste of sandalwood, and the warm red of tigerwood.
We finished the pen shaft with these rare solid woods used in traditional Japanese "Kokeshi" doll craftsmanship, it has a comfortable feel with smooth edges and a pleasant curvature.

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For those who enjoy the feel of natural wood

Our love of natural wood led us to create stationery that gains character over time. It would be great to have a writing companion that always feels special and can be used casually without pretentiousness. One pen that answers the needs of every stationery lover.

This time, the 'Sekai Densho' series, newly introduced to the world fountain pen collection, comes in two shapes: square and hexagonal, both are crafted from precious solid woods: Ebony, Sandalwood, and Tigerwood.

To ensure you can feel the warmth of natural wood, we've designed shapes that go beyond a simple cylindrical pen shaft. We designed a shape that fits comfortably in your hand and provides a good grip through the simple yet impactful design.

Take it in your hand and roll it in your palm. Its soft edges and curves, unlike a simple round or square design, will fit perfectly and make it feel like an extension of your hand. The wood's density, texture, and just the right amount of weight add to its charm.

Magnetic cap mechanism

From the moment you remove the cap, you will be surprised by the first impression and tempted to open and close it for many times. The secret of this exciting and mysterious comfort lies in Wancher's original magnetic system.

We initially considered eliminating the threaded part and, instead, using a mortise and tenon system, but that would eventually wear out and render the product unusable. This would also miss our goal of creating fountain pens that can be used even 100 years from now. We then adopted a magnetic system that has another cap structure inside the cap. This prevents the ink from drying out on the nib, which is often the case with normal magnetic caps.

With this fountain pen, you can write down your thoughts immediately or convey your ideas to someone without stopping.


Filling mechanism: Converter or Cartridge (European International Standard)
Nib: #5 Wancher stainless steel
Feed: Plastic

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Sekai Densho Fountain Pen