Following on the popular limited edition - Yowanoaki, we created a new exclusive design called Shikinozogan 四季の象嵌 - made with Japanese Traditional Art - Zogan.

This time, more special than normal, our Zogan designs are crafted with both pearl shells and natural wood. It's even more sophisticated than the usual pearl inlay. Nonetheless, it's the best way to beautifully capture the scenes into our fountain pens.

The designs are inspired by signature icons of beautiful nature in Japan throughout four seasons. Sakura (Cherry Blossom) for spring, Take (Bamboo) for summer, Momiji (Autumn leaves) for autumn, and Yuki no Hana (Snowflake) for winter.

2021 Design  - Spring and Summer 

Opening the four-season series, the first two designs to be introduced to you are Sakura-gari and Momiji-gari.

Named after two famous Japanese traditions - 桜狩り (Sakura-gari - Sakura hunting) and 紅葉狩り (Momiji-gari - Autumn leaves hunting), the two designs are meant to capture the most beautiful moments of these elements throughout the year. 

The terms refer to those who are seeking out cherry blossom (Sakura) or autumn leaves (Momiji) in full bloom, only to enjoy and admire their beauty. And just as much as how we want to explore and deliver the Japanese's traditional arts to you, we also hope you can enjoy the most mesmerizing scenes of the four seasons in Japan through this collection.

2022 Design - Summer and Winter

Not only nature but beautiful festivals are also our endless inspiration for creating artwork. And the two gorgeous events - Yuki Matsuri in Winter and Hoshi Matsuri in Summer are the perfect model for the final two designs to complete the collection.

Hoshi Matsuri (星祭り means Star Festival) is another name for Tanabata, which is held all over Japan every year on July 7th. On this special day, people will make a lot of wishes, write them on a small piece of paper and attach it to the bamboo tree as an adornment. Since ancient times, the bamboo tree has been considered sacred and used as an amulet to ward off evil spirits; and because it grows straight toward the sky, it was believed to deliver wishes to the gods in heaven.

The design of the Yuki Matsuri fountain pen is our inspiration from the fascinating beauty of the Miuneyama Muhyou festival in Nara during the severe cold weather. The motif of snow ice on the tree branches depicts a natural phenomenon in the Miune mountains caused by water vapor freezing, creating a wonderful winter scenery.

Shiki no Zogan