Mine (峰) Fountain Pen

Material: Ebonite

Every piece of Wancher Mine involves craftsmanship to process the raw ebonite rod from Nikko Ebonite. Ebonite is a material derived from natural rubber and mixed with vulcanized resin. The result provides robust and reliable quality fountain pens. Wancher Mine is the perfect addition for those who love the warm feeling of ebonite.

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Wancher Mine is a fountain pen that resembles the Sekai shape. The barrel diameter is thicker than the Sekai pen to provide a comfortable hold while writing. The flat bottom and slightly elevated top of this Ebonite pen add a signature difference to our wood-based Sekai collection. Compared to the Dream Pen shape True Ebonite pens, Mine has a slightly shorter barrel length and more weight.



The fountain pen is designed to signify the journey towards success, with each step leading to a greater height of achievement. The elevated top of the pen signifies a summit of success that we aim to reach.

The Japanese character Mine (峰) is metaphorically defined as the highest point on a mountain. In human lives, Mine also carries the meaning of the pinnacle of career and success. Going forward with the design of the fountain pen, we envision that each person will reach a point in their life that changes the way we see the world. We proceeded to add the rise to the originally flat top.

The first release of Wancher Mine is available in two designs: Marble Purple-Gray and Marble Green.



To prevent the drying ink, this pen is completed with spring inner cap that completely block the air circulation.

For purchases made only during Wancher Calendar 2023

For only purchase made during Wancher Calendar, as free service Roll-stopper and Complimentary notebook (A7 size) will be included during this offer.

About the Complimentary Notebook Introducing our A7 size twin-wired ring notebook, thoughtfully produced by the local Iruka Printing company in Usa City, Oita Prefecture. This community-driven initiative involves individuals with disabilities who skillfully hand-print embossed designs using press machines.


As part of our commitment to community support, we're pleased to showcase this product. Please note that the paper is not fountain pen-friendly for wet nibs, as there might be some bleeding. Despite this, each notebook carries the genuine spirit of the people involved on the making.

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Mine Fountain Pen