Sekai Densho Tsugaru


This Urushi technique is from Tsugaru and it stands out with its colorful speckled design. It features different color mixes, with four to six layers of lacquer applied unevenly. The final touch highlights the cross-section by sharpening the edges.


Shikake Monshanuri

This technique involves burnishing and raising to create an overlapped pattern using black Urushi. Initially, the entire surface is coated with black Urushi, then charcoal powder is sprinkled and polished while the surface is still wet, resulting in a matte finish. The glossy jet-black part that appears on the matte black of the pear cloth adds a modern-attractive look.

Our story

Our Wancher team visited Chiang Mai, Thailand, and began to communicate with local craftsmen. We were increasingly fascinated by this story, and started the "KINMA-edition" project, a time-travel series to explore the roots of the Kinma art.

One of the Urushi techniques of Kagawa Prefecture is called Kinma-nuri. In this process, a delicate pattern is carved into the lacquer base with a carving tool and then make the carved grooves are filled with colored Urushi, and finally the surface is polished repeatedly to express the intended pattern. This Kinma-nuri technique actually has its roots in Thailand, where it was introduced to the Sanuki region at the end of the Muromachi period (1333-1573) through China.

KINMA Thailand Shacho-Hirota-sensei_02.jpg__PID:bca0d595-f652-4bc8-b6c4-3ee8ffd6793d

Furthermore, "Kinma" means "carving onto the flat surfaces offer more design possibilities than curved surfaces," which led to the creation of the Sekai "Densho" fountain pen (four and six facets). Currently, we are working hard to produce Kinma-nuri fountain pens in Thailand and Japan. It will be a painstaking and time-consuming manual process, but we are looking forward to the day when we will be able to present our fountain pen to you.

The Tsugaru-nuri edition of Densho Pen is one of the masterpieces of modern Urushi lacquer and is a work where you can feel the fascination of the technique. We hope you will enjoy these exciting masterpieces.

Densho Tsugaru