True Ebonite

A fountain pen made from Japanese ebonite from top to bottom.
With a great fountain pen, you can write many beautiful things and amazing ideas. And from there, many good things are believed to come. We hope that with our Dream Pen, many dreams will be written about and become true.


Ebonite is a great material made from natural rubber with a durable, warm and luxurious feel for handwriting. Ebonite was originally used to make fountain pens in the early 20th century. However, due to its complexity in production, it was later abandoned by most manufacturers in favour of various plastics, which were easier to work with.
Today, as a homage to traditional pen manufacturing, we are honored to restore Ebonite as the material of all of our pens.


The True Ebonite fountain pen is a combination of vintage materials and a minimal design. Our Ebonite is crafted into your fountain pen with the highest precision. Hold your True Ebonite fountain pen and feel the best quality in material for writing instrument.


The fountain pen comes in a traditional and minimal design with the Cigar shape.
Our pens are designed to have the perfect weight and balance in your hand. So your writing will always be in maximum comfort.


We know you hate dried-out ink problems.
That's why we would like to bring you our compact air-tight cap mechanism. A simple but secure closure.

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