Kunisaki 国東 Handmade Glass Dip Pen Set 2022

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Kunisaki 国東 Handmade Glass Dip Pen Set 2023

The Impeccable nature of Kunisaki through Glass Pen art  

Special Edition

Each of these Kunisaki glass pens has been hand-painted by the talented artist Asahina Aya, who also initiated the original Kiei Urushi art for our Dream Pen collection.

There are two different editions: one featuring a silver sheet with gold-tinted lacquer, and the other is the shimmer powdered edition. With these two special editions, the emphasis is placed on creating original pieces that you've never seen before.


Kunisaki Glass Pen 2023 Release

Loved by many customers, we strive to re-introduce the Kunisaki Glass Dip Pen which is inspired by the beauty of Kunisaki. It's been a piece of hard news to share from us that the previous Kunisaki Glass Pen artisan had stopped production due to personal reasons.

Nonetheless, we stick to our commitment to keeping alive the glass pen art. We decided to seek out different glass artisans to craft Kunisaki pens. We were pleasantly surprised to discover a skilled glass artisan in Hong Kong.

The new 2023 Kunisaki Glass Dip pen though no longer made by Kunisaki glass artisans, but the art, design, technique, and inspiration remain preserved. The 2023 edition Kunisaki pen embodies the value of Kunisaki art.

Five enchanting colors

SHamrock Green

Shamrock Green is a a symbol of luck and good fortune, this shade brings a sense of renewal and rejuvenation to any setting.

Sakura Petals

Where the soft blush of cherry blossoms profound beauty with the appreciation of life's fleeting moments.

Blue Rose

In resonance with Japanese flower language, Blue Rose is the symbol of dream come true.

Autumn Ginkgo

Embodies the leaves which slowly turn into yellow at the beginning of fall season.

Jade Vine

Striking blend of verdant green and soothing teal. It embodies the perfect harmony between the freshness of newly sprouted leaves.

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Kunisaki Handmade Glass Dip Pen Set 2023