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Keiryu Nib

The long-awaited nib has finally made its debut. Presenting the Wancher Original nib『KEIRYU渓流』
with Master Nagahara.

 Masterfully Crafted

Keiryu nib is crafted carefully by artisans deeply immersed in the world of Japanese fountain pens for decades. The finishing is done by Mr. Nagahara, the skilled nib shaper, infusing each pen with his passion and unwavering commitment to the art of writing. Keiryu nib brings the fusion of Japanese tradition and technology into the writing experience.


 Keiryu: A Nib Inspired by the Flowing Beauty of a Mountain Stream

The characters and drawings that emerge from this pen's nib mirror the gentle flow of a mountain stream.

This unique nib effortlessly captures the emotions and thoughts of the writer. It stands as a testament to the expertise of modern master craftsmen who, over decades, have dedicated themselves to perfecting their art. Wancher's longstanding dream of crafting such a distinctive nib has finally become a reality.


 Inked Elegance

From the moment the nib touches the paper, a line effortlessly glides, reminiscent of a water strider gracefully skimming the water's surface. At this moment, the hand merely supports the fountain pen, moving horizontally.
The nib's point features a distinctive mountainous shape. Japanese craftsmen meticulously adjust each one, carefully refining it to resemble an arrowhead with a fine file. This is a skill achievable only through manual craftsmanship, as it navigates the microscopic world, much like writing letters on a grain of rice.

The KEIRYU nib, with its generous ink flow, produces slender and elegant lines or bold and powerful strokes depending on the nib's angle. To seamlessly connect each line into a cohesive character, a bit of practice may be needed.
Take some time to explore with the KEIRYU nib. As you become more adept, the enjoyment increases, and once you can wield it freely, you'll be amazed at the lively and vibrant characters you can create.


However, KEIRYU nibs are not ideal for writing fine text in small notebooks. They are well-suited for medium to large letters, perfect for crafting brief messages on letters and postcards, jotting down thoughts in a diary without the constraints of ruled lines, or quickly expressing ideas in a handwritten portfolio.

 Navigating the Trade-off

We acknowledge the trade-off between creating a universally user-friendly product and the pursuit of crafting beautiful writing. The former aligns with general-purpose items suitable for mass production, while the latter only a small company like Wancher can produce.
Through this project, we aim to create an affordable nib that is unique and comfortable to write with, even in small quantities.
This is an exclusive creation from Wancher, a truly original nib found only here. We would be delighted if as many people as possible could share in the excitement of this unique writing experience.

 Nib Customization

To customers who want to purchase this KEIRYU nib,

If you would like to have your nibs sharpened to an even finer nib, you can request a custom-made KODACHI sharpening nib (additional cost will be charged) The sharpening comes in three sizes: Fine, Medium, and Broad.

 The size customization is possible through the KEIRYU Kodachi product page. Please put the special note for us if you have any personalization request for the shape. The waiting time for fulfillment of the nib customization is from 4-7 business weeks.


Keiryu Nib - Original


Custom-made Kodachi Nib 

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 The Roots of Wancher's Nib Development

Wancher possesses a collection of nibs crafted in Japan over 70 years ago. We received many nibs from Mr. Nishio, president of Nishio Seisakusho, a company in Osaka, these nibs showcase the rich history of fountain pen craftsmanship. Despite being over 90 years old, Mr. Nishio continued crafting fountain pens and ran a store independently.

He shared insights into the writing quality and preferences of Japanese individuals during a time when ballpoint pens were non-existent. Over many years, he imparted knowledge on fountain pen creation, nib adjustments, and more until his store's closure. During the era when fountain pens dominated, each town had numerous nib factories, catering mostly to drawing very thin lines. With the absence of ballpoint pens, fountain pens were essential for writing Chinese characters in small notebooks, leading to a high demand for ultra-thin nibs.

Using a thin sharpened nib reveals its surprising flexibility to produce a firm tone or spring in a thin line, allowing for nuanced thickness variation. The variety of small steel nibs from that time offers a remarkable range of textual expression.

Upon closer observation, many of these nibs resemble long, thin, sharp blades. This shape, realized to draw letters beautifully, enables the projection of emotions onto the written words.

The KEIRYU Nib and the KEIRYU-Kodachi shape can only be added to fountain pens starting from $150 USD, incurring an additional charge.