Wancher x Kuretake Kindai Maki-e Fountain Pen

The Maki-e Monogatari fountain pen features gorgeous traditional Japanese designs and processing techniques.
As the name suggests, each pen has a story to tell.

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Wancher x Kuretake

Together with Kuretake, we are determined to bring you the artwork of Kindai Maki-e in 18 designs that represents Japanese symbols, culture, and folklore.

To complete the fine artwork of artisans from Kuretake, we attach the nibs and clip as part of expressing our passion and stories in these fountain pens. With the utmost sincerity, we present you the traditional Japanese design and technology of the Maki-e Monogatari fountain pen for your own use or as a gift for someone else. 

Kindai Maki-e and Ukiyo-e Inspiration

Technique Inspiration

Ukiyo-e is a traditional Japanese painting style that is published using silkscreen printing techniques, similar to Kindai Maki-e. Ukiyo-e involves ink-printing through stencils onto media such as woodblock and paper screens. The art of adhering the picture, to the surface is what makes Kindai Maki-e and Ukiyo-e are comparable. In 1860, this Japanese printmaking technique actually influenced the world-renowned impressionist painter, Van Gogh.

Pen Design

The design is inspired in part by the Japanese 17th century painting style known as Rimpa, which has influenced many artwork to date. It incorporates natural elements such as flowers, trees, mountains, and animals, which are also common in Japanese traditional paintings. For the final touch, the design is coated with clear urushi to add extra protection for the gorgeous design.
(For the meaning of each design, please explore more on its product page).

The Monogatari Fountain Pen


The bullet-shaped Maki-e fountain pen, smooth and moderately sized, is compact, will fit comfortably in your hand, and is perfect for daily use. The nib size is available in Fine and Medium, also compatible with Kuretake's fountain pen nibs. 


The pen has a surprisingly thin and light body without compromising its durability. With a jointless body, the charm of Maki-e drawings is fully extended. To make the shape of the body, the craftsmen have to utilize a single brass sheet to forge it downward until it reaches the shape of a pen. To achieve a light but long-lasting pen, such painstaking technique necessitates both delicacy and strength.

The body and cap are made by squeezing the metal during the molding process, which requires arduous labor. As for the body, the beauty of modern Maki-e is reflected in its own story to tell. 

WANCHER's fountain pens with 18 different Kindai Maki-e designs were created to bring the authentic feel of Maki-e closer to those who hold them.

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Wancher x Kuretake Kindai Maki-e Fountain Pen