Dream Pen Raden

Raden (螺鈿 in Japanese), which is also called mother-of-pearl inlay, is one of the techniques in Japanese lacquerware that apply inlays of natural pearl shells to decorate a wooden or ebonite surface.

While there are a variety of shells
that can be used to make Raden, Raden on Dream Pen is made from abalone shells collected from the Japanese Sea.

Once abalone shells are carefully selected, the qualified ones are flattened into a very thin raden sheet. The pearl sheet is then cut to an exact size to prepare for the applying process. To inlay raden to the surface, it involves underlay, overlay, and polishing steps.

However, to finish a Raden Dream Pen, it is not only that. The pre-urushi-lacquer and post-urushi-lacquer are mandatory to achieve a smooth and glossy finish.