Received in December 2023

Wancher is honored to receive the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Award

At Wancher, we are dedicated to delivering high value, high-quality stationery, including fountain pens, to our customers, all while promoting traditional Japanese craftsmanship globally. Our vision extends beyond product excellence as we aspire to establish ourselves as a highly sustainable and diversity-friendly organization. By harnessing the unique strengths of individuals from various races, nationalities, and genders, we aim to cultivate an inclusive workplace environment that values and respects diversity.

Through these efforts, we hope to contribute not only to the preservation and global appreciation of Japanese craftsmanship but also to the creation of a harmonious and innovative workspace for individuals from diverse backgrounds. On December 7th, 2023, we were honored by the Oita Bank in Japan for being a company that embraces SDGs, acknowledging our commitment to sustainable business practices across various functions.


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Scope of the Goals

Sustainable Management

We are committed to creating an organization that can continue to meet the demands of the customers worldwide by producing high-quality, appealing products while preserving traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

In our pursuit of sustainable management, we will implement internal systems to cultivate a supportive working environment for all employees. This involves clarifying promotion criteria, ensuring transparency, and fostering fairness in career advancement. Through these initiatives, our objective is not only to preserve the rich legacy of Japanese craftsmanship but also to cultivate a workplace that nurtures ongoing innovation and meets the evolving expectations of our global clientele.

Goals: 8,9,12

Promotion of health management

We are dedicated to fostering a workplace environment that promotes the physical and mental well-being, growth, and development of individuals from diverse races, nationalities, and genders. Our focus is on enabling employees to choose work styles that leverage their strengths and contribute to a sense of fulfillment in their professional journey.

Goals: 3, 8, 10

Provide environmentally friendly products and services

We will develop our business to raise our customers' awareness of environmental conservation by producing high value-added products that can be used for a long time, such as fountain pens, using environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and actively incorporating materials derived from nature.

 Goals: 12, 13