Wancher 18K Solid Gold Nib

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On February 1st, 2019, we released our first original gold nib - Wancher 18k solid gold nib.

With collaboration with fountain pen masters and nib masters in Osaka, Japan - the place of origin of many Japanese foutain pen companies throughout the history, we have been researching about the specialty and features of vintage Japanese fountain pen nibs, especially nibs with ebonite feed.

Wancher nibs are designed to offer smooth and wet ink flow, especially for long writing sessions. Nibs are tuned and adjusted with either ebonite feed or plastic feed to ensure excellent writing without any skip even with first moves.

There are two important points about our nib which are:

-Offering a firm and steady writing. With certain pressure, different line variations can be created without skipping or scratching.

-Both the front and back side of the nib is well-grinded to ensure the writing capability on both side.

Our nibs are available in 2 different nib sizes: Medium and Broad (Japanese sizes) which are equivalent to Fine and Medium of Western sizes.

Please see the nib comparison below: these are writing samples of Wancher 18K Solid Gold broad nib (Japanese size) or medium nib (Western size), Jowo 18K Solid Gold medium nib and Jowo 14K Solid Gold medium nib.

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