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At Wancher, we always do our best to commemorate the New Year with sales, deals, Shiawase Bags, and many other campaigns. However, we have recently received questions from new customers to ask what are some of the Wancher exclusive fountain pens they should get for 2024.

In an effort to help everyone who may be wracked with decision fatigue, we have decided to compile this list of 24 different fountain pens that you can add to your collection. These fountain pens were chosen with their functionality, construction, and design history in mind to match the outlook of this new year. Let us know if we have missed any of your favorite fountain pens. 


Kuretake Yumeginga: Zuichou-Houou 

Kuretake Yumeginga Zuichou-Houou

The Kuretake Yumeginga is the larger version of our popular Kuretake Kindai Maki-e Collection. We have highlighted the Zuichou-Houou for its formidable, fiery phoenix design, because we should all aspire to rise from the ashes like a phoenix. 


Sekai Densho: Sandalwood

Sekai Densho Sandalwood

No list of Wancher fountain pen recommendations would be complete without mentioning the Sekai Densho - the newest addition to the Sekai collection. Its compact, multi-faceted wooden body hides the neat magnetic cap mechanism, which allows the user to latch the cap onto the pen without any exertion. 


Kyoto Urushi Kotoiro: Cherry Blossom and Byodoin Temple

Kyoto Urushi: Byodoin Temple

Representing the beauty of Kyoto, the Kyoto Urushi Kotoiro Cherry Blossom and Byodoin Temple would be perfect for their pink and red colors, respectively, but they are made even more special by the fact that these colors are accentuated by genuine golden leaf maki-e designs that shimmer all over the pen itself. 


True Urushi: Aotame-nuri and True Urushi Red

True Urushi Red

Although the recent earthquake in Japan devastated the Taya Shikkiten studios, we were able to receive a shipment of True Urushi fountain pens, which is why we are currently offering anybody who purchases a True Urushi fountain pen from January 1 to March 25 a free, specially designed Pen Rest as long as they answer the following form


Kaleido Queen: Suiten & Yuuyake

 Kaleido Queen

Whether you prefer the deep blue of the Suiten or the orange glow of the Yuuyake, there is a Kaleido Queen that suits everyone’s preferences. We chose these two pens from the Kaleido Queen collection because it reminds us of the peaceful ocean as the sun sets on another day in 2024. 


Hirota Urushi: Shiro no Ume, Kinpaku, and Mouko

 Hirota Shiro no Ume

Crafted by Master Artisan Hirota, the Shiro no Ume, Kinpaku, and Mouko fountain pens are completely distinct and stand apart from any other fountain pen of this caliber. We are hoping that this year will be a positive and unique year for all of you. 


Dream Pen: Rising Sun Dragon & Sansui 

 Dream Pen Rising Sun Dragon and Sansui

The Dream Pen Rising Sun: Dragon and Dream Pen Rising Sun: Sansui were only recently restocked, but these fountain pens are particularly fitting for the Year of the Dragon. Sansui represents the tranquility that we hope this year has in store for us all. 


Puchico: All Colors


One of our most popular collections, the PuChiCo mini-fountain pen is a nice, compact pen to carry with you anywhere you go - perhaps inside your very own PuChiCo carrying case. We were wrestling on the decision of which colors to choose, but in the end, we decided that it was too difficult. Thus, we’re recommending all seven colors of the PuChiCo collection. 


Sekai Kaba Zaiku: Yamazakura and Sakura Ame

 Sekai Kaba Zaiku

Handcrafted from the tough bark of real sakura trees, the Sekai Kaba Zaiku collection is the perfect collection as we embark upon Japan’s noteworthy spring season. 


Dream Pen Timeless: Silk Black


For everyone whose hands may be too small for the regular sized Dream Pen, we recommend getting the Dream Pen Timeless: Silk Black, which has a glossy black design, the shape of a Dream Pen, yet a more compact size. 


Jade Fountain Pen

 Jade Fountain Pen

For centuries, jade has been a beautiful facet of art in East Asian cultures, and Japan is no exception. Wancher’s Jade Fountain Pen is our way of honoring the traditional art of the past and bringing it to the future with this sleek, modern design. 




We hope you have enjoyed these twenty-four fountain pen recommendations. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for any other fountain pens for one of our future lists, feel free to leave a comment in the space below.

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