The True Craftsmanship

Behind every single beautiful pen that you are holding is the many-month process of creation and dedication. Our artisans have devoted their whole life into the art and created beautiful artwork that can be used for decades. Urushi and Maki-e are the arts of 9000-thousand-year history and it takes lifetime delicacy to create a product with such traditional values.
* Please note that we do not publish information and pictures of some artisans per their requests.

Tsutomu Taya

Master Taya is the former president (理事長) of Wajima Urushi Association (輪島漆器商工業協同組合) and the former owner of Taya Shikkiten (田谷漆器店) that holds a history of 200 years in making lacquerware products. With 63-year hands-on experience in lacquerware technique, Master Taya is one of the top Masters in Japanese lacquerware creation. Believing that "Once the traditional technique disappears, we cannot revive such valuable art", Master Taya has spent his whole life to master the lacquerware techniques and pass it to the next generations. His son, Mr. Akihiro Taya is also current vice-president of the Association and owner of Taya Shikkiten. 


With many years of experience as a Maki-e artisan, Master Yamanoshita has created precious artwork not only on fountain pens but also many other luxury lacquerware products.
To Master Yamanoshita, every single maki-e product caries it own story and spirits which can bring luck, prosperity and peace.

Toshiaki Hiko

With 36 years of experience in doing coating for Urushi products, Master Hiko enjoys his everyday work with the beautiful Urushi layers. This job requires great attention and patience but it never fails to motivate Master Hiko. He believes that creating a smooth base coating is the first step toward making a perfect lacquerware product.   

Mitsuo Uwamaki

Master Uwamaki already possessed a 33-year experience in making Urushi lacquer and doing the base coating. Creating a satisfying Urushi lacquer without any flaw is one of the steps that Master Uwamaki spent his whole career to learn and master.

Satomi Hira

Master Hira, whose age still remains a secret is one of very few ladies spending her whole day in lacquerware workshop and making Urushi products. Master Hira loves the perfect shape and beauty of the final artwork. Her main role is sharpening and scraping of lacquer products, which requires a lot of detailed attention and significant effort over a long course of time.