Wancher Christmas Special

To celebrate this year's Christmas, Wancher invites you to join this merry moment together with the Wancher Christmas Special. With exclusive nib and Kaleido Christmas gift set, we hope you enjoy the excitement of the season. This time, the pen will come as a gift set (pen & ink) for you to present your beloved ones, or even for yourself.

May the vibrant colors of KALEIDO pens bring you the excitement of the season.

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Christmas-Limited Set

KALEIDO Christmas 

After receiving much love from you for bringing the enchanting 12 edges pen, KALEIDO, we are inspired to extend our appreciation. The idea of presenting you with something that can be a reminiscence of fond memories during Christmas came to us after careful consideration. Therefore, we bring you the wonderful KALEIDO Christmas-themed pen, with a special edition nib, top medal, and complimentary ink. This gift set is ideal for expressing gratitude to loved ones or as a present for yourself!

This edition comes with the crown medal on the cap along with the Christmas Tree nib as commemoration of celebrating this wonderful event together with Wancher.

(Only available until the end of this year)

Bell Crown Medal

Xmas Tree Nib

- The Christmas Tree nib is ONLY available for KALEIDO Gift set
- Snowman and Bell nib are sold separately for KALEIDO gift set, but free for other Wancher pens.

christmas special ink

Orchestra Tangerine

Melancholic Blue

Brilliant Mint

To make your Christmas memories with Wancher more memorable, we give one bottle of complementary ink for free available in the add-ons option when purchasing KALEIDO pens.

We want to introduce you to the remarkable fountain pen ink. The ink is from Teranishi Chemical, the leading ink-maker in Japan for more than 100 years. We chose 3 colors according to Christmas season from Guitar Taisho Roman ink series. The series won the 31st Japan Stationery Award in 2022 in design category.

Christmas-exclusive  Nib

Besides having the Kaleido chrismas nib, another two designs are also available for pairing with your favorite Wancher pen. 

Jingle Bell Nib

The ringing sound of Christmas bell is the sign of excitement for celebration. Therefore, this nib can be a reminiscent of the pleasant memory you have.

Snowman Nib

We bring you the friendly companion during cold snowing season into the design of Christmas limited edition nib. With this, we hope you all will have a good time writing with your Wancher pen


Now, have a great joy to you and your cherished ones on this joyous holiday! 

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Wancher Christmas Special