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Wancher X Teranishi fountain pen ink

A Century of Japanese Colors: 100 Years of Ink Haikara Ink


Teranishi Chemical is an industry that produces quality-leading ink for fountain pens and other writing instruments. Teranishi Chemical is nominated as the winner of the 31st Japan Stationery Award. One of the ink series, Guitar Taisho-Roman High Color Ink won the design category Excellence Award of the 31st Japan Stationery Awards in 2022, out of two categories: functionality and design.


Teranishi Chemical Industry is based in Osaka and has a more than 100-year history of ink production. Although the name of the company may be unfamiliar, its role in the production of magic ink is. The question mark on the ink label denotes the meaning of the ink, which can be used to write anything.
 For example, a product like an oil-based marker that is well-known throughout Japan and has been used by many people for a long time

Christmas Color edition

Brilliant Mint

 Melancholic blue 

Orchestra Tangerine

At the same time as Wancher and Teranishi agreed on a partnership, your favorite Christmas season is drawing near. We thought about giving you something to paint about your exciting holiday with colors aligned with the theme. For that reason, Melancholic blue, Gentle Green, and Orchestra Tangerine became our first choice to give to you.   


Guitar Taisho Romantic High Color Ink:
 - Made in Japan Fountain pen ink with 106 years of history.
- Total of 16 colors of Taisho Romanticism reminiscent shade
- Water-based ink for a wide range of use.
- The ink might appears red for a moment when transferred from the nib to the surface of the paper.

The unique coloring gives a sense of luster and comfort. 

- Content: 40 ml
- Bottle Dimension: 44 x 44 x 70 mm
- Weight: 120 g (without box)
- Box dimension: 73 x 73 x 75 mm
- Weight: 145 g (with box)