The Charm

Limited Quantity

Last year we released this limited edition only for Japanese market. It has been a success in Japan. However, these artwork pieces are no longer available and there are not many of them left. To fulfill your requests of these pens, we offer a limited quantity for international market.

The collection embraces Vietnamese maki-e and lacquer technique, every single pen is hand-painted by artist Le Thanh Thai who posses more than 30 years of experiences in maki-e and lacquer painting. Even with the same design, there is no exact same pen since it is hand-painting.

Please note that some models are only available with 1 piece. 

Utilizing the Vietnamese traditional art of Maki-e,  the Charm collection features the lives of familiar entities surrounding us. Each signifies the essence of life and blow into the pen its own charismatic appeal. The collection comes with three main designs: Orchid, Lady in Kimono and Dancing Cranes