A luminous strip on the fountain pen's body mimics the radiant glow of a horizon.
Introducing the new Fountain Pens, KALEIDO Queen Series

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Birth of the Queen Series

Two years have passed since the launch of Wancher's 10th-anniversary Kaleido fountain pen. During this period, we have received an outpouring of requests for a new model.In response to these requests, we are pleased to introduce the new Kaleido Queen Series.

The Queen Series features a slim, octagonal shape—a fearless yet graceful fountain pen without a clip. It is available in three models: "Deep Mountain Water," "Horizon," and "Sunset."

The colors of the light belt created by nature

There is nothing more beautiful than a fleeting landscape created by nature. For example, the gradation of light and color on the horizon. The ever-changing colors of the sky as the sun rises, the "Venus Belt" of mysterious hues of light before and after the setting sun, and the lingering hues of the horizon after the sun has set. And even when the sky is unbroken and cloudy, if you stare intently, there is always a moment when sunlight shines through the clouds. Kaleido queen is born with the intent of capture the moment when the sky changes from cloudy to sunny, expressed in a fountain pen. Please pick one up and take a look. We are sure that the sunshine will spread in the hearts of those who use this fountain pen.

Fine particle polishing technology that produces linear reflections of light

The octagonal shaped Kaleido Queen uses the same manufacturing process as the 12-edges Kaleido fountain pen. However, to express the atmosphere of "a momentary landscape created by nature" with an octagonal pen, a high level of technical skill is required. Laminated resin with multiple layers of color is carefully hand-cut and polished to a mirror-like surface resulting in a smooth edge that is smooth to the touch. The surface polished to a fine particle level reflects light in a straight line, resembling the surface of a still lake. The reflections and the stripe gradient color of the laminated resin blend together to create a fascinating texture. The colors and brilliance metamorphose like the wings of an iridescent insect depending on the angle of the light hitting it. The way the colors blend together mirrors the light flowing through a fountain pen, with particles of various colors. Explore the Kaleido Queen for varied expressions based on viewing angle, light, and type, truly embodying a kaleidoscope.

Colors of Kaleido Queen

Nature's Momentary Landscapes


Deep forest greenery with the clear streams of the silent mountains. Even in the depths of the mysterious forest, where no man has ever set foot, the sun shines, and night soon descends. The shadows woven by the greenery that breathes in the deep mountains are expressed in this fountain pen.

The blue of the horizon line that seems to go on forever on a clear day. The color of the silver line, which changes from cloudy to sunny, is expressed in the laminated resin. This is a fountain pen that will spread sunshine to the hearts of those who use it.


The "Venus Belt", an ash-pink gradation that appears in the sky on the opposite side of the sun before sunrise or just after sunset. The fantastic belt of light is made into a fountain pen with careful craftsmanship.

Silver and Gold Trim


Two editions of the Kaleido Queen are offered in Silver and Gold colors. The Silver edition maintains uniformity in trim, nib color, with the exception of the top medal, which is exclusively crafted in silver.

 **Please note that the only sterling silver material is the top medal only. The nib and trim is a stainless-steel plated.

For the first 50 pieces of Kaleido Queen with Gold and Silver, we present you with the top medal made from Silver 925 in Japan

Embracing the Golden Ratio for
Beauty and Comfort

The new Kaleido Queen series meticulously adheres to the golden ratio, with the length of the barrel and cap harmoniously designed at 1:1.618. This exquisite balance, derived from the Fibonacci sequence, is the key to the pen's aesthetic allure. This slight length of the grip, expands freedom of finger position, creating a comfortable fit in the hand, and brings out the best in writing comfort. In addition, it makes the fingers look longer and more beautiful when holding the pen.

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