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No detail is too small when we deliver a product made - without compromise - and of the highest quality

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A quality fountain pen where the ease of use and high quality is guaranteed for every customer. The luxurious pure Titanium material is a real metal exclusively made for your experience. Dream Pen Primo can be the item that boasts your style.


Allergy-safe material

The Primo Dream Pen is composed of pure titanium and finished without paint or extraneous plating. Even people with a sensitivity to metal can use it without fear.


The one and only in the world (limited pieces)

Experience the brilliance of our Titanium Fountain Pen featuring a unique coloring treatment. The vibrant and lustrous hues are achieved through special techniques, creating a stable, colorless, transparent coating. This is only possible by precisely controlling the thickness of the coating, allowing the captivating colors of blue and silver emerge.

In our planning phase, we were inspired by the national treasure "Yohentenmokuchawan" (曜変天目茶碗) specifically the intricate spotted pattern. Resembling a star suspended in space, it beautifully reaffirms ancient aesthetic sensibilities and the pen also resembles the texture of the ocean water. Through meticulous manual craftsmanship, we've managed to engrave miraculous moments, each with distinct facial expressions. Truly, this fountain pen is a one-of-a-kind treasure, exclusively yours.


This exquisite pen is not only a fantastic addition to your collection but also makes for a thoughtful gift for someone special.
Concerns about the weight of a metal fountain pen are understandable, especially for those who use them daily. However, the Dream Pen Primo is meticulously crafted with an ergonomic "weight balance." While it may seem a little heavy to carry all day, the balanced weight distribution ensures that all concerns about the weight disappear once it is in your hands.

Color coordinated pen and nib

Midnight Blue


High-grade stainless steel nibs undergo special Japanese surface treatment to match the color of the pen body. As with the Primo body, the color is not the result of dyeing or paint at all, rather by controlling the thickness of the transparent coating film to achieve a rich deep blue color. This coating not only enhances the nib's durability but also preserves its brilliance over an extended period.



For the silver-white Primo nib, we have used a special technique called "Rhodium Plating" to give it a shiny and elegant silver-white color. Rhodium plating is an extra level of premium above regular silver plating as it has excellent resistance to acids and alkalis. This means it won't easily oxidize or change color, ensuring a lasting harmony with the titanium shine of the primo body.

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Dream Pen PRIMO