Crystal II

Inspiration from Crystal

We introduce to you our second demonstrator fountain pen collection - Crystal II.
With the Crystal II, we would like to continue our inspiration from the crystals. What is special about crystal are the stories lying under their shade.

Crystals convey different stories about power, health, wealth, future and energy. Legends and myths of crystals have been passed down through ages.
Our fountain pen is clear and transparent as it is called and the color of crystal of each pen represents different aspects of joy in our life.
Wancher Crystal II collection comes in 3 different vibrant crystal colors.

Smooth writing experience

Ink clog is always a problem with many fountain pens so we at Wancher have worked hard to overcome this challenge. With our Crystal II fountain pens, your fountain pen is always ready whenever you want.

Showcase your Ink

Our Crystal II are designed to ensure that you will have no problem keeping ink. Whether using cartridges, converters or the eye dropper system. The fountain pen models are designed to showcase the beautiful color of your ink. 



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