Wancher Conducts a Mind Map Workshop

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In what has become an annual tradition, Wancher’s Global Team visited the local Bungo-Takada High School in an effort to not only share our knowledge and expertise with the adolescents, but to also learn from their unique perspectives on our fountain pens. We were warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic students and dedicated teachers of Bungo-Takada High School. The day was filled with engaging activities aimed at teaching the students how to create a mind map, and how to conceptualize and develop a brand new fountain pen, complete with a unique name and story.

After the CEO and Founder of Wancher, Taizo Okagaki, explained Wancher’s origins, the significance of the fountain pen, and his vision for the company, one of our most experienced engineers Fukuda explained the process of mind mapping. He demonstrated how mind maps can help in visualizing the connection between thoughts, sparking creativity and ensuring no idea is left unexplored.


Students were encouraged to pick a central theme for their fountain pen design and then branch out into various aspects such as place (where will this product be used? Where will it be marketed?), specialty (what is the unique selling point of this pen?), feeling (how does it feel to use this fountain pen?), and who would most benefit from using this pen. The room buzzed with excitement as students filled their papers with colorful diagrams, exploring the limitless possibilities of their imagination. 

For Wancher, this visit was more than an outreach program—it was a reminder of the joy that comes from sharing knowledge and nurturing young talent. We were deeply moved by the students' enthusiasm and the originality of their ideas. Each mind map, each name, and each story reflected a unique perspective, showcasing the boundless creativity that resides within the young minds of Bungo-Takada High School.

As we look to the future, Wancher hopes to continue these educational initiatives, nurturing creativity and providing young people with the tools they need to bring their ideas to life. The experience at Bungo-Takada High School was a beautiful reminder of the magic that happens when passion meets imagination.


For Wancher and the students alike, this was not just a day of learning—it was a celebration of creativity, storytelling, and the timeless art of fountain pen design.

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