Zipangu Fountain Pen

Enjoy the fantastic design and the smooth touch of 21K gold nib.

The concept behind wancher zipangu

"Zipangu" is known as a land of gold according to the written journal 'The Travels of Marco Polo'. As a matter of fact, the author refers to Zipangu as Japan. He also wrote in his journal about 'The great palace covered by pure gold in this country, which later influenced the start of the Age of Discovery in Europe and the creation of the legend of a mythical city filled with gold—El Dorado.

When it comes to natural gold, alluvial gold from the mountain flowing into the river is the first idea in our minds. To capture that realistic image and convey it on the product, we chose a look-alike ivory body with gold dust sprinkled over the surface.

It depicts the cloudy water from gold mining activity slowly becoming clearer until it reveals the gold grains shining in the water. We want to express the contrast of milky watercolor just before clearing up, together with small pieces of dream gold flickering this scheme in this fountain pen.



After making several adjustments and trials, we have reached the precise hue and radiance that Wancher wanted. It is a subtle milky color that is between transparent and pure white with an adequate density of fine particles that nicely reflect the light.

 From the nib to the body, each Zipangu fountain pen is manufactured by skilled craftsmen in a Japanese factory with a long history and esteemed reputation. Since Zipangu fountain pen is only crafted limitedly, it will be available in several pieces for each nib size.

Zipangu Fountain Pen