Wancher Tengu Fountain pen

The revival of Vacuum filling system

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The Wancher Tengu Fountain Pen features a nostalgic and unique mechanism with a vacuum filling system hidden within its slightly longer body end. The Red Tengu in Vermillion (Shu) and Crimson (Beni-iro) are applied with Urushi from Aizu region, while the Tengu Black (Karasu) is the original version without any Urushi applied.

Wancher Tengu

Introducing an elegant fountain pen with captivating charm, the Wancher Tengu collection features a 18-karat gold nib, it exudes a noble impression and strength that embodies the dignity associated with the image of Tengu, the Japanese folklore character. Taking inspiration from this, we complete the look with vermillion and crimson Urushi from Aizu, one of the prestigious locations with their Urushi artwork.

Ink Filling System:
The Tengu Fountain Pen uses a vacuum-suction mechanism. When refilling a pen, the cap on the body end must be opened to reveal a filler rod. Dip the nib into an ink bottle and press down the rod to draw up the ink.


The Legend of Tengu

The name of this fountain pen, Tengu, refers to a legendary creature often associated with the mythological beings found in Japanese folklore. Tengu are mountain ascetics who live deep within the mountains, with crimson features and prominent noses, and are thought to have wings on their backs that allow them to freely glide over the air. They are renowned for their outstanding martial arts abilities and wisdom, and several legends about them have been passed down across Japan.

Aizu lacquer in the Beni Tengu model:
According to legend, Aizu lacquer originated from the lacquer trees planted in Aizu during the Muromachi period. It is said that the one who planted these lacquer trees was none other than the Karasu Tengu. Furthermore, one of the techniques used in Aizu lacquer called "Tsui-kin" involves the Karasu Tengu thinly stretching lacquer dough, cutting out patterns, and then affixing them onto lacquerware. To this day, the Tengu Festival is celebrated in Aizu. There is also a folklore that attributes the teaching of swordsmanship to Ushiwakamaru (young Yoshitsune) to the Karasu Tengu.


This fountain pen will become an indispensable tool for you, just like the fan, which is a tool of Tengu's secret technique. The fan is said to have the power to create wind or elongate and shorten a human's nose. Similarly, this fountain pen may have the power to enhance your writing ability and imagination. When you twist open the cap at the end of the barrel, a long piston lever emerges, functioning just like a secret technique of Tengu. When you push the long button, the ink flows smoothly into the barrel. And when you place the nib on the paper, the ink flows gracefully, allowing the pen to glide effortlessly.


Wancher Tengu is not only a fountain pen that allows you to experience Japanese culture and history but also provides an excellent writing experience.

Tengu Fountain Pen