Stabilized Ballpoint Pen

Stabilized Ballpoint Pen

Do you ever find nostalgia and comfort in the same place? A unique art wood pen that will draw your inspiration and evoke precious thoughts and feelings. WANCHER introduces a new ballpoint pen made of stabilized wood called "Inspiration", one-of-a-kind art wood pen at your fingertips.

The beauty of stabilized wood is that the resin permeates the fibers of the wood, so it will always maintain the same smoothness and natural uneven rhythm. As the pen is used more and more, the surface of the body is polished, and the irregularities become more brilliant and smooth. 

The penetrated wood fiber with resin makes it stain and water-resistant, but also high density and heavier at the same time. This moderate weight makes the pen feel comfortable in the hand when writing. For example, recall the feeling of using a pen with brass parts. You can imagine the pleasant sensation of the pen's weight running freely with the nib on the paper. Stabilize Wood pens are designed with the balance of writing in mind.

The one and only beauty created by carved stabilized wood

The new 7-color ballpoint pen body is made of stabilized wood, a special material that is carefully carved out one by one. The interesting thing about the Stabilized pens is that you may not know what color the pen will be until it's actually shaved. For example, the pen may occasionally has a pattern that resembles a famous painting, Van Gogh's "Starry Night" that continues to fascinate people all over the world. The inexplicable beauty that emerges from the careful shaving process is truly a work of art. The more you look at this pen, the more you will forget the passage of time because of the mysterious charm of the nature-formed wood grain.

Calming rhythm created by the grain of the wood

Have you heard of 1/f fluctuation? 1/f fluctuation refers to a rhythm in which regularity and irregularity are in just the right balance, and yet it is a rhythm that makes us feel comfortable. The fluctuation can be found in the twinkling of stars in the night sky, the murmuring of a stream, the sound of waves on the beach, and the swaying of leaves on a tree.

The fact that 1/f fluctuation also exists in wood grain has been proven by Professor Emeritus Toshimitsu Musha of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a leading researcher on 1/f fluctuation. WANCHER incorporates the "1/F fluctuation" effect to provide you with a ballpoint pen with a soothing body.

The enjoyable feel and weight

The comfort that wood gives to people is not only a visual effect. Through the feel of the wood on your fingertips, you can also feel the comfort of the tree's annual rings. Wood has different patterns depending on the type, environment, and the cutting direction, even if it is the same piece of wood. "Stabilized wood" is a material made by mixing wood with colored resin.

To make a ballpoint pen, the wood is turned on a lathe into the designed shape and then polished. However, even after the wood and stabilized wood are polished to a shiny finish, the hardness and density of the fibers in the wood create unevenness on the surface similar to human fingerprints. This unevenness imposes a warm and gentle feeling to the wood, as if you were holding hands with a human being.


Type: Ballpoint pen
Mechanism: Knock type 
Body: Solid wood, Stabilizing resin
Metal parts: Brass, stainless steel
Length: 145.6 mm
Diameter: 13.6 mm
Weight: 40g
Refill: Parker compatible

Stabilized Ballpoint Pen