With the help of nature, Wancher is proud to present to you

Kiei nuri – Season Reflection technique. 

The Kiei nuri technique is considering a new Urushi lacquer art technique, originally invented and developed by our artisans at Wancher, which has taken us three years to be able to complete.

The concept of Kiei 季映

Inspired by the beauty of nature in Japan through four seasons, our artists depict the scenes of nature with the combination of Japanese natural leaves, flowers, and natural Urushi (Shizen Urushi 自然漆). Hence the name of the technique 季映塗り、with 季 (“ki”) means seasons, 映 (“ei”) means reflection, and 塗り (“nuri”) means lacquering.

The concept of Kiei nuri Urushi technique is enclosed with the message towards the beauty of nature and the brightness of life. While seasons change, the leaves change from pale color to green, then reddish-brown of autumn leaves and falling leaves. Looking at this transition, we feel the breath of our life with strength and freshness. Each tree grows and blooms at its peak, as we need to live our life to the fullest.

With Kiei nuri technique, after the lifetime of each tree ends, its strength will not disappear but will continue to live in the art and deliver a meaningful message to the receiver of the art.  

季映塗り Kiei nuri Technique

The whole process is done by hand. Each pen and each piece of leaf or flower petal is carefully selected and treated one by one by our artisans, only the qualified ones will be chosen for the Kiei nuri.

There are five steps in the process of applying Kiei Urushi technique.

The leaves or flower petals are carefully selected and applied suitable technique to be dried but still keep the natural shapes and colors.

When the leaves and flower petals are ready, they are then dyed with gold powder to prepare for the applying process

In the meantime, we apply on the pen body with multiple layers of Urushi lacquer to reflect the scene of nature on the pen body.

After the pen base is dry, the leave or flower petals will be applied on the pen with the transparent Urushi lacquer.

Finally, other multiple layers of Matt Urushi are applied with Nurippanashi technique (the technique which does not require polishing step). The purpose is to honor the purest beauty of Japanese nature which has both smoothness and roughness.

 Note: Due to the unexpected changes of the nature, the designs of the Kiei Nuri Series may change every season and every year. You may not see the same designs in the next season or even in the same season next year.

季映塗り Kiei Urushi collections


Kiei Urushi