Dream Pen

True Values

Made from the finest material - Ebonite, crafted by hands of skillful craftsmen and embraced with true values of Japanese traditional arts, Dream Pen is created for you not only to experience a great writing but also to enjoy truly beautiful arts from Japan.
With the history dated back to 9000 years ago, Urushi and Makie are truly culture treasures of Japan. However, they are on the edge of extinction now.
Together with artisans who have devoted their whole life into the arts, we share the mission of protecting the future of Japanese traditional arts.

True Craftsmanship

True arts can only be created by true craftsmen and Dream Pen is not an exception. Your Dream Pen is made not only from great materials but also by amazing passion and effort of the artisans.  

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Finest Material

We choose the finest Ebonite in Japan to create a True Ebonite fountain pen from top to bottom, including small parts such as feed, housing, ring and screw thread.

History and Tradition

Each fountain pen is painted by hands of Japanese traditional craftsmen in Wajima - the land of Japanese Urushi. Many layers of Urushi are applied on the surface of each fountain pen to achieve the final silky smooth finish.