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True Maki-e

Maki-e is regarded as one of the highest-grade Urushi techniques which adds more artistic decorations to Urushi lacquerware by sprinkling gold and/or silver powder. The contrast between the warm moist skin touch of the urushi lacquer and the cold feeling of gold and silver creates a marvelous harmony of the maki-e.

Urushi Coating

Urushi lacquer is coated to surface of the pen to create the very first beautiful layer before applying other ornaments.


After the careful application of many layers of Urushi, the artisans then draw beautiful designs on to the pen.

Gold Powdering

One of the most complicated steps is gold powdering. The Maki-e design is finished by sprinkling gold powders over the wet Urushi surface.


"Taking care of Urushi is like taking care of your own life. The more dedicated you are, the better result you will get. Regardless of how much time and effort it takes, final artwork is the only thing that matters..." 

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True Maki-e

Designed by Mr. Taizo Okagaki

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