Kuretake Wood Glass Dip Pen - Senbonzakura

Embrace the beauty of nature through graceful wooden shape and exquisitely handmade glass nib.

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Natural Cherry Blossom Trunk Material

Mount Yoshino (吉野山), known as a World Heritage Site in Nara, Japan, is the land that has nurtured thousands of cherry blossom trees since old times. On account of conservation purposes, sakura trees on Mount Yoshino have been banned for exploitation since 1300 years ago.

In 2018, successive heavy downpours resulted in a large-scale typhoon in southwestern Japan, affecting Nara Prefecture, and making many Yoshino cherry trees fall. With the aim to preserve and utilize these rare trees, Kuretake registered and inherited some of the fallen cherry trunks from Yoshino Mountain, where the company office is also headquartered. From here, the Senbonzakura (千本桜 - Thousands of Cherry Blossoms) Glass Dip Pen was born, becoming a remarkable art piece that can be cherished for years.

The Glass Pen you will hold in your hand, with each curving curve that makes up the body, is all about the true natural beauty of perennial cherry trees. Feeling the warmth of the pen and gently resting it on the cherry wood-made pillow, we believe you will have a pleasant experience with this new Glass Dip Pen.

Handmade Glass Nib

Not only the wooden material, but importantly, the glass nib is also the key feature to bring a great writing experience to you. With its transparent and gorgeous form, the Senbonzakura glass nib is handmade by Glass Artist Yoshitaka Tajima (from Fukui Prefecture, Studio Kasho).

This time, the pen is available in Fine and Medium Japanese nib sizes.

Completely crafted with natural material and handmade nib, each Senbonzakura Glass Dip Pen is a one-of-a-kind artwork without any same color and texture, creating a unique pen set among your current writing instruments.

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Kuretake Wood Glass Dip Pen - Senbonzakura 千本桜