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七宝 - Seven Treasures
Fountain Pen

Tous les avis ci-dessous sont des opinions honnêtes de blogueurs de stylo plume de confiance et expérimentés. AUCUNE compensation sous quelque forme que ce soit n'a été accordée à nos évaluateurs. Nous partageons simplement le même intérêt pour une chose, les stylos plume, tout comme vous.

Azizah de Gourmet Pens: "It is amazing that Wancher has expanded our selection of available materials to include bakelite, a rarely used material in modern pens. The artwork on the finial makes a great addition to any accessory palette."

David de Figboot on Pens: "There is a lot to like about this intriguing addition to the market. A very reasonable price for what you receive with this pen. It has some classic looks, it's made from a unique material, it incorporates a handmade artistic element and it performs very well."

七宝 /shippo/ means Seven Treasures in Japanese. This is a Japanese term used for enamelware. 七宝 or Seven Treasures refer to those treasures which are used as ingredients in making Shippo or Japanese Cloisonne artwork.
焼 /yaki/ means "bake" in Japanese. And 七宝焼 /shippoyaki/ is Japanese way of cloisonne work.
This is a special fountain pen with 七宝焼 Shippoyaki art, handmade by national artist of Japan - 岡垣幸得 (Okagaki Yukie) on the pen body made from a rare material - bakelite.