Tame Sukashi Toumei

Transcending transparency, the ethereal grace of Japanese art emerges in the amber-hued translucence

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ABS for
Dream Pen base

From Ebonite to ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), we found that durability of material makes the whole difference for fountain pen. ABS material is one of the kind of plastic that is strongly resistant against chemicals, heat, and physically sturdy.

Unlike the other type of plastics which most of us imagine as easy-to-break and disposable, ABS for our fountain pen base is tough material that can be used for many years. Especially since it is coated with Urushi, the lifespan can be considered significantly improved.


In continuation of the Tamesukashi pen series, the Tamesukashi Toumei stands out as the inaugural demonstrator Urushi fountain pen designed to celebrate and preserve the artistry beneath. In Japanese, "Toumei" (透明) translates to "transparent," aptly capturing the essence of this pen.

Dream Pen Tamesukashi - Toumei -

The pen's unique transparency is achieved through the use of ABS, allowing the exquisite artistry beneath to shine through. The application of Suki Urushi not only enhances this transparency but also provides a protective layer, resulting in a pen that is not only visually stunning but also robust.


The Use of Kiei

Captivated by the exquisite beauty of Japan's changing seasons, our artisans skillfully capture the essence of nature using a blend of Japanese natural leaves, flowers, and authentic Urushi lacquer known as Shizen Urushi (自然漆). This unique artistic technique is aptly named 季映塗り (Kiei nuri), where 季 (“ki”) signifies seasons, 映 (“ei”) conveys reflection, and 塗り (“nuri”) denotes lacquering.

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The philosophy underlying the Kiei nuri Urushi technique is deeply rooted in celebrating the allure of nature and the vibrancy of life. As the seasons transform, so do the leaves—from soft hues to lush greens, and finally, to the warm, earthy tones of autumn before gracefully falling. Observing this natural progression, we sense the pulse of life, brimming with resilience and vitality. Like each tree that grows and blossoms to its full potential, so too must we embrace the fullness of our own lives.

Through the Kiei nuri technique, the artistry extends beyond the lifetime of each tree. Even after their physical existence concludes, their strength persists, immortalized in the artwork. This technique imparts a profound message to the recipient—an enduring reminder of the resilience and meaningful continuity that life possesses.

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Tamesukashi Toumei