A commemorative design inspired by endless passion of fountain pen lovers

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Entering our 10th-year, Wancher Team is eager to continue our mission of offering traditional crafts with new creative values. Following the Tokiwa-iro, we are proud to present you: KALEIDO Fountain Pen - the next commemorative design of the Wancher 10th Anniversary collection.

KALEIDO fountain pen is born from the idea of a fountain pen that is affordable, stylish, yet can last for a lifetime. The model is greatly inspired by our tremendous appreciation towards years of encouragement and love from you - who share our love and interests in fountain pens.


The KALEIDO special design

The JAPAN Kaleido fountain pen possesses a different look from the familiar cylinder shape usually found in other Wancher models. The 12 straight edges represent our great inspiration in symbolic Japanese beauty such as the beautiful sun rays, cedar trees, or pillars in traditional infrastructure. With this distinctive 12-sided prism shape and an ultimately smooth finish, it inspires us with the name KALEIDO - which comes from the Greek word "Kal" - beautiful and "eidos"- shape.

To create the JAPAN Kaleido fountain pen, our craftsmen have hand-cutting high-quality hard resin and polish it multiple times. The finished product is a mesmerizing shape composed of straight lines and finely waved edges. As you hold the pen, take a moment to look at it closely and enjoy the glowing shine along the marbled surface of the 12 sides and the exquisite comfort it brings.

Devotion to details

Sterling Silver 925 Crown Medal for 10th Anniversary 

Crafted with Sterling Silver 925 in Kyoto, Japan, Silver Medal decoration on the flat top adds a touch of elegance and luxurious feeling to the whole design. For first-time release only, each edition will come with 100 pieces of limited commemorative medals "Wancher 10th Anniversary"! 

Brass medal material for post-anniversary

The top-cap medal will be altered to brass material with different design (including WANCHER logo, established year and phrase of Born in Japan) once the Sterling Silver version is sold out.

👉 Check out the comparison pictures to see the difference.


The key of Kaleido fountain pens lies in the grip design. Compatible with standard Jowo size #6 nib, the Kaleido fountain pen promises a pleasant writing experience for long sessions despite its oversized 12-prism barrel.

Colors of JAPAN

Matching with the powerful presence of the 12-prism shape, we present you with 5 color editions to choose from. Each color is carefully selected to express the beauty of Japanese culture and nature.
(Discover the meaning of each color in the product pages below)

KALEIDO Fountain Pen