Tsugaru Urushi

A distinctive traditional Urushi technique that embraces the Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetics.

Tsugaru Urushi refers to lacquerware made in Tsugaru - a city located in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Being known as one of the most skill-intensive Urushi techniques, Tsugaru-nuri is sophisticated yet stunningly beautiful with its unusual finish. Dream Pen Tsugaru is made in three traditional styles of Tsugaru Urushi including Kara-nuri, Kaisaishiki-nuri (Raden Kara-nuri) and Nanako-nuri.

Kara-nuri is the most popular Tsugaru-nuri style that illustrates distinctive speckled patterns created by four to six different Urushi color lacquers. Kara-nuri is a process of repeating steps including Urushi coating, grinding, and polishing. After the first base color is painted, other Urushi colors will be coated to cover the base color. This surface is left to dry and then ground until the base color is revealed.

Kaisaishiki-nuri is a combination of Raden and Kara-nuri techniques. While Kara-nuri creates the pattern of Shiro-age or Midori-age, Raden technique involves inlaying pearl shells onto the surface of the pen. Therefore, this style results in a truly unique finish where the sophisticated beauty of Raden and Kara-nuri art is elegantly presented.

Nanako-nuri is a style that involves 研ぎ出し - Togidashi (burnished-raised) technique and has a design pattern created by using rape blossom seeds. After Urushi lacquer is coated, the flower seeds are scattered on the surface while it is still wet. Once the lacquer dries, the seed will be removed, and polishing steps then take place to reveal the Nanako circular design.  

The whole process of crafting Tsugaru Urushi art on your Dream Pen is completely handmade.

*Regarding the name of the designs: "Shiro" means "white", "Midori" means "green", and "age" means "raised", this refers to the base color that is finally revealed after the grinding process is done. 

On the other note, the term “Nanako” is believed to come from the Japanese word “Nanako” or fish eggs which resemble the small circles on this design.

The fountain pen is equipped with either stainless steel or 18K gold nib.
Below are the starting prices with stainless steel nib option, but you can upgrade to 18K gold nib in the product listing.

Dream Pen Tsugaru