Wancher is dedicated to creating high quality fountain pens made with the finest materials.
With this, we proudly present the newest addition to our dream pen collection the Dream Pen Titanium.

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Why titanium was chosen for this dream pen material?

Since it's discovery, the material has been an integral and indespensable in various fields aiding the creation of necessary equipment. As titanium is a light, robust, hypoallergenic, and a chemically stable material resistant to corrosion it is often used for computer parts, medical tools, aircrafts, and more.

It has excellent longevity as well making it one of the best materials to use for fountain pens, which is why Wancher set out to utilise these tenacious properties by making a Dream Pen body using titanium. For our first release, Titanium is in matt black to embraces this natural beauty from the cap to the body.

Smooth writing touch for fountain pen made of titanium material.

Titanium is lighter than most metals, but is just as durable. When using the Dream Pen Titanium you will be greeted with a smooth and light pen perfect for everyday writing sessions. As the body is entirely made of this titanium material, you will find your hand can comfortably rest on the smooth exterior.

Moreover, with titanium's excellent heat transferring properties you will feel it ever so slightly adjust to the warmth of your hand as you continue to use it.

Titanium features: light, robust, rust-resistant, safe


Titanium is two times stronger than steel and three times stronger than aluminum. Despite this, it only weighs 3/5 of iron and half of copper giving the material an exceptional strength to weight ratio. The material is also highly resistant to rust and corrosion both in land and sea which is why it is the standard material standard for aircrafts, ships, and power plant condensers.


With its distinguished stability, titanium is often used for medical tools and surgical implants. As it does not negatively react with most chemicals and elements it is regarded as a considerably safe element.

Best metal for fountain pens

Titanium is an excellent material for fountain pens because it is light, robust, rust-resistant, and chemically stable. However as the process of making titanium pens is difficult, its production is not commonplace. Wancher responded by creating a pen made from natural titanium that highlights its natural charms.

 We believe the Matt Black color on #6 Jowo Nib will complement the look entirely to deliver you the smooth writing experience.  

Dream Pen Titanium