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Every Dream Pen is a craftsman's artwork.
And this time we bring you an artwork by Iga Hirofumi san (伊賀弘文).

The Dream Pen Titanium

The fountain pen is designed
and crafted in Japan from solid Titanium
- one of the most reigning and
strongest metals on the planet.

Nowadays, there are not many companies
in Japan who still make titanium products
and very rare of them make titanium fountain pens.
The main reason is because of its costly
and time-consuming making process.

We have been eyeing on making fountain pens from titanium for long but it was almost impossible, especially in Japan when there is a high possibility of fire accidents while manufacturing titanium.

However, the impossible has become possible with the help of Mr. Iga Hirofumi, a highly-skilled metal engineer from Saiki, Japan.

Instead of mass production by machine, Mr. Iga changed the way of processing titanium into a process that mostly involves handcrafting steps. Therefore, only one piece is made at a time!

To achieve a precise cigar shape with a perfect balance, hundreds of tests and experiments were made. And though it has been a tough experience with lots of failures in between, the final result is worth it.

Dream Pen Titanium weighs at 53g, giving a firm writing experience.

From the cap to the body barrel, everything is made through an intensive process requiring great attention to details.

The inner cap is crafted into a form of concentric circles, which helps to prevent the ink from drying out.

Dream Pen Titanium comes with an ebonite nib section which adds up a warm and pleasant touch when holding in hand.

Dream Pen Titanium - A minimal fountain pen with a premium level of craftsmanship and quality that can guarantee you a lifetime use.

The fountain pen is equipped with either stainless steel or 18K gold nib.
Below are the starting prices with stainless steel nib option but you can upgrade to 18K gold nib in the product listing.