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*Visit the following link to purchase your Dream Pen with clip - Matt Black and Silk Black version. 

Wancher Dream Pen True Ebonite New Clip Option 1

The essense of the Dream Pen design

A clip has been a common part of fountain pen design since the early days. Besides serving as a roll-stopper or a hook into a pocket/notebook, it also contributes to the overall design of a pen, and the brand's image.

Yet, why does the original Dream Pen design not have a clip?

Wancher Dream Pen True Ebonite New Clip Option 2

At Wancher, we believed that more than a writing tool, a fountain pen can be a piece of art. Therefore, Dream Pen and many other models like Sekai, are inspired by the image of a tea bowl in a Japanese tea ceremony, which means they are shaped to be attractive from all angles. In this way, when decorated with Japanese traditional crafts, its charm will harmonize with any environment and will be enjoyed from every perspective.

Accordingly, we did not put clips onto our fountain pens for a long time.

Motivation behind addition of the clip

As a humble member of fountain pen lovers community, we always strive to create a fountain pen that can be used by many people. After years of numerous requests for a fountain pen's clip, we finally step up with the idea. Three things are taken into careful consideration:

1. The harmony with the overall design
2. The structure of the clip so as not to hinder artisans' creativity and future art application
3. Practicality and Quality

Wancher Dream Pen True Ebonite New Clip Option 3

With multiple trials, we have completed - Clip for Dream Pen - a perfect addition the original Dream Pen design. The clip's shape is based on the motif of naturally flowing water drops (しずく)which has been adored in Japanese art history. Furthemore, the cap is also processed in consideration with clip's position, angle, and depth, all of which contribute to the final balance and functionality of the design.

Who made the Dream Pen clip?

Dream Pen's clip is produced by Tokyo Kinzoku Kogyo Inc. Well-known for their latest invention "Slide Clip Clear SCC-L5M-3L Size", the manufactuer was honorably ranked in goo's "Top 20 recommmended stationary business in 2022". With their long establishment and achievement, we are honor to work with them and entrust them in making our Dream Pen's clip.

What is more besides Dream Pen clip version?

A clip is not only our only addition to our Dream Pen model. Attention to details is our motto to move forwards. Therefore, we are always eager to better our product even more. This time, our Dream Pen True Ebonite fountain pen have been upgraded to bring you the best writing experience premium finishing techniques 「研ぐ」from Japan. More articles regarding this technique will be published soon, so stay tuned with us.


Clip option and Wancher 21K Gold nib are currently only available for the following models:

- True Ebonite - Matt Black

- True Ebonite - Silk Black

We will be working on improving and hopefully to bring these options to more models on our store Further details are listed in product page and our nib guide.

*Visit the following link to purchase your Dream Pen with clip - Matt Black and Silk Black version.

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