Wancher Sunset Matama Nib - Semi-flex Hard Nib

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Are you a first-timer with a fountain pen, or are you just simply looking to add a little more individuality to your handwriting. We are proud to present you - The Wancher SUNSET MATAMA - Semi-flex Hard nib: a perfect addition to your writing experience that can excite beginners to fountain pens enthusiasts.

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The motivation behind Semi-flex Sunset nib

Flex nibs have been around since the beginning days, with their signature flexible and soft tines. Yet, in the modern world where ballpoint pens greatly dominate, many people are used to applying high pressure when writing. This makes flex nibs become a vulnerable choice with their soft nature when flexing. With this in mind, Wancher has developed and manufactured Sunset Matama nib with strong stainless steel material. In this way, even when being applied with high pressure, the nib can still stay strong while flexibly producing variant linewidth.


Inspiration and thoughs behind the Name and Design

"Sunset at the Matama coast" and "Koiba Road" (恋叶ロード) are two proudly famous spots in Bungotakada City, which is also where our WANCHER office is located. As both are popular places for couples, each detail in the nib is specifically designed to embrace the beauty and story of these two scenic spots. First, the special slit pattern shooting through the heart-shaped breather hole symbolizes the heart with a shooting arrow. Then, the horizon of the Suo-nada Sea is portrayed as horizontal stripes along the slit. Furthermore, as you write, you can imagine the tidal waves ebbing and flowing towards the Matama shore as the ink flow slowly on the nib body.


Wancher Sunset Matama nib is compatible with fountain pens that accept Jowo #6 nib unit. Made of iridium - a platinum-alloy material, the tipping point of Matama nib is extremely strong and wear-resistant. In normal writing, it will produce a consistent Fine linewidth, and when applied with enough pressure, it can produce various linewidth, either thicker or thinner. It will be a perfect choice for people who want to freely express different characters and accents in their daily writing/drawing.

Writing Experience

Depending on personal experience, you might feel a little to no feedback when writing with Sunset Matama nib. 

With a smooth flow, and dynamic stroke lines, we hope that Sunset Matama nib can bring you a pleasant and refreshing experience to your daily writing.


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