This Dream Pen fountain pen is hand-crafted with Japanese traditional art called 象嵌 / Zogan. "Zo" (象) means "symbol" and "Gan" (嵌) means "inlay". Layers of mother of pearls are hand-cut and inlaid into the ebonite pen body with exceptional dedication of skillful artisans. Featuring beautiful scenes in Japan during Spring while Sakura petals are falling on the water, Dream Pen 桜の川 - Sakura River honors the traditional arts in form of a writing instrument.
Dream Pen Zogan - Sakura River fountain pen is available in either Urushi and Ebonite edition. Ebonite is a Japanese traditional fountain pen material, making your Zogan Dream Pen a true vintage piece of art. And Urushi on this Sakura River fountain pen is of the premium-quality Urushi made in Japan, crafted by skillful craftsmen from Wajima - the land of Japanese traditional Urushi and Maki-e arts.