To celebrate April,
Wancher proudly presents


Did you ever imagine writing about a meal and then later you can smell it again? Well, your dream just came true with Wancher comfort drops ink. 

The newly developed ink not only bring you the color but also the scent of your favorite comfort foods.

Here's our menu for today:

2. The glow - urushi fountain pen

Along with Sekai Urushi fountain pen, with the help of Urushi masters, Wancher created "the glow" - a Hikaru Urushi fountain pen that can glow in the dark.

Originated from Kawazu - a valley in the deep forest of Japan, Hikaru Urushi has a history of thousands years spand. Each Sekai fountain pen is hand-painted with Sakatsu paint, which can glow in the dark and finished with Suki-Urushi (translucent) using Nurippanashi technique by skillful craftsmen in who possesses many years of experience.

The Glow fountain pen is now available for pre-order with special
SUPER EARLY BIRD price for the first 20 customers.