Wancher Voyage


Welcome on board of Wancher Voyage - our grand adventure, set out to explore and seek the most distinguished arts around the world, which was once forgotten by the time. 

With a long tradition and history of art and culture, China has always been on our destination list since when we started expanding this journey outside of Japan. 

The first hidden art we embarks on this land is Chinese Dry lacquer - Fuzhou Urushi 脱胎漆器. 

With their unique rich color and strong texture, it has been very much welcomed and loved by many fountain pen lovers. Therefore, we are very looking forward to exploring new arts from this land. 

Which Chinese art would you be looking forward to see it on our fountain pens? Don't hesitate and get on board with our voyage. They are waiting for us to discover very soon.

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Wancher Voyage - China